There is a simple solution to turn your iPhone snapshot into photo art. TiltShift Generator for iPhone was developed by Art & Mobile to help those people who are inspired by art.

This application might be a worthy purchase for your mobile photo bag, because of the features included.

TiltShift Generator is focused around the selective focus and depth of field. Photographers might know what a DSLR camera and lens mean. Well, this application creates a fake DSLR and you will love the obtained results.

The app lets you take a picture within the application or – for iPod Touch users – edit a picture from the library. After the image is chosen, you can start by using the tools. The first one in hand is the Blur tool. This tool will adjust the focus at the desired place, and you can move and resize with a pinch. You can choose from a linear and a radial blur, to try the effects and obtain the result you desire.

You can then continue editing with the additional tools provided, such as; saturation, brightness and contrast. Since they are included in the application, they work very well.

Final adjustments can be done with the vignette tool and you are ready to go.

The piece of art you just created can be shared with your friends by email or Twitter, and even Facebook.

If you are looking for fun and you are fond of art this app is for you. It’s available in Apple’s App Store for only $1.

TiltShift Generator