There is a great variety of sports applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, so anybody who develops another sports app, has to be one really creative and innovative person.

Just a simple search in the app store will bring up a lot of sports apps, varying in quality and sport category.

Sports Illustrated may sound familiar for those who are fond of sports, because the name comes from the venerable weekly magazine. Time has developed this free SI application, which has a powerful feature: the high quality content we used to get with the magazine.

The app has several main sections: Home, Scores, SI Writers and Sports. The Sports and Scores sections are standard: live scoreboards, and news by sport category.

As stated above, the main strength of the application is the content. Those who read the printed magazine are already familiar with the well-written original content and extraordinary photography. These are to be found under the Home and SI Writers section.

However, the app has its issues. For instance, the banners of Time’s other app can be really annoying sometimes. There are two; one on top and one on the bottom. Navigation can be improved by the removal of these.

Putting aside that issue, the app is a very useful one and it can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store.

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