If you want a Google Docs reader, Sounds Broken Inc. now has an application to offer you; gogoDocs 1.1.0 for iPhone is now available in a better, improved format. This version supports any file upload, including video and audio files, as well as filtering your docs list by name.

Files are downloaded while you are online and kept on your device for offline viewing. The Document Sync feature allows you to instantly access any document, presentation, spreadsheet or PDF, anywhere you are. This feature is great for flights, subway travel or any place where your internet connection isn’t reliable.

Another feature is the Document Stars, a feature that syncs your important documents. If you star a document it will automatically be synced. This can be setup in the gogoDocs preferences.

gogoDocs allows you to see certain types of documents. To view one document you only have to tap on the list and it will show. For very long documents, a vertical scroll bar will appear for easier navigation. You can zoom in on a document by pitching or double tapping.

The app allows you to email the text you are viewing; tap the center of the screen, and then tap on the envelope in the bottom left corner of the screen, type the recipient’s email address. gogoDocs will then send the email using the standard email account that you use.

The application is available in Apple’s App Store for only $2.99.