Do you remember those days when you listened to What a Wonderful World? How many years have passed since then? Oh yeah, I know, too many.

Attic, developed by Tapku is a music application for your iPhone, that will bring up the good old memories. The key element of the app is that Attic goes into your music’s metadata and selects your fifteen least-listened-to albums. What happens next? It will bring up a list of these albums and if one of them catches your attention you can select and drag them onto the record player to create your custom playlist.

The developers have thought about people with a lack of free time; if you don’t select any of them, the app’s magic wand will select at random.

I don’t know how much music you have, but if you have a vast collection, then this app will be a helpful one. Since my playlist is a long one, I often forget to listen to those good old songs that I loved. Attic helps to remind you of those songs and bring up old memories to enjoy.

You need to read the instructions well before you download it from the app store, because the Tapku team has a zero instruction app for you. It looks like they had an intuitive app in mind, but the wordless strategy may not always work. A little ‘I’ button might be helpful.

The app is available in Apple’s App Store for only 99 cents.

Attic for iPhone