Have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself with the iPhone camera or any other camera? I am sure that you have. Do you remember how you held the camera and tapped the shutter release button when you felt that the camera was aimed properly, it was a struggle, right? These days are now gone, because Chimera is here and it’s been developed specifically for this kind of situation.

Helix interactive built an application around the face detection functionality. Acknowledging how important this feature is when we are talking about fun they developed an app to add extra value to the iPhone camera.

Chimera has a lot of useful features. As you launch the app you will see a camera interface much like the native camera application. You will find buttons to adjust several options; Effects, Color, Faces and Camera.

Effects offer a lot of fun and a wide variety of options available from simple Grayscale and Sepia to Night Vision or Cartoon outlines. But the core of the app is the face detection. You can choose whether you want faster or more sensitive face detection. When a face is detected you will see a green box around it. It can be set up to remain visible when you preview the image before saving. And there is an option to “Wait for Faces”. By selecting the minimum numbers of faces detected – from one to three – the photo won’t be taken until the selected number of faces is detected. A very useful feature when you want to do a picture with your friends. In order to make the process of actually taking the photo easier, you simply tap anywhere on the screen.

The application is available in Apple’s App Store for only 99 cents.