iAd is here. The new iPhone operating system offers great, new opportunities for application developers. Steve Jobs said, “A lot of the apps on the iPhone are free, or 99 cents or $1.99. And we like that. Users like that. But these developers have to find a way to make some money. And we’d like to help them.”

The numbers are impressive; there are approximately 85 million iPhone operating system users today. According to the estimations Apple will soon reach the 100 million devices that run iPhone OS.

During the press event the other day, Steve Jobs said that an average iPhone user spends about half an hour a day using applications. “Now, if we said we wanted to put an ad up every three minutes that would be ten ads per device per day.” If you are a developer you don’t have to use the calculator to see the opportunity there, when Apple lets you to include ads directly into the application you have developed. The ads are designed to provide a rich promotional environment and are written entirely using the HTML5 standard platform.

With this feature Apple expresses its will to change the quality of the advertising. The ads available through the new platform will be sold directly by Apple, which will share the revenue with the developers. The change, in this case, is that only 60% of the income will be shared with the developer, so its time to develop a new app for the iPhone.