For years we have heard about paying for merchandise and services with nothing more than our cell phones. Up until now however the only widespread use of this amazing technology has been seen overseas. For us here in the U.S. sadly, we have no widely accepted means to do this.

Well if you are looking for an app that will do that for you unfortunately I’m afraid I am not really here with that news today. Starbucks has however taken a stab at this technology that might be a step in the right direction.

Many of us “regulars” at the local Starbucks hold at least one prepaid Starbucks card which we use for making purchases, or to get some kind of a discount offered even if just for use of the free wifi. Mine is the fancy gold card with my name printed on it, and for every so many drinks I earn a free one. The catch is of course that I must register the card at the website to take advantage of the rewards. Using the registration for rewards, Starbucks has taken the gift card to a level that many retailers only dream about.

Starbucks Card Mobile is linked up with and carries over all your previously registered information, but it brings with it a new feature allowing you to pay for your purchases. When ready to pay, your barista will simply scan the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch. If you have used the iRewardsCards app may be familiar with the technology, however instead of having to manually enter the information it is synced from the website and even shows you a current balance on the card you have selected. You can also manage your credit cards that are associated with your Starbucks card for billing purposes. Additionally you can refill your card when necessary directly from the app!

The current version of the app is available for purchasing items at 1018 stores located within Target stores, and is being moved into more every day. The entire idea of payment is a trial, and if you want to see the app used in all Starbucks you are encouraged to go to and give your input.

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