Apple gave a sneak peek to the new version of the iPhone operating system during the press event at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. The new OS offers more than 1500 new APIs (application programming interfaces) for developers.

More than 100 new user features will come with the iPhone 4.0 like; 5x digital zoom  in the camera app, playlist creation, tap to focus for video, Places in Photos and geotagging, Home screen wallpaper changing, improved spell checking and support for Bluetooth keyboards.

Unfortunately the update won’t be available for all devices. The highlight of the update; multitasking will be supported only by the iPhone 3GS and third-generation iPod Touch. The reason given for this, is that iPhone 3GS and the third-generation iPod Touch make up the majority of the mobile devices sold.

During the presentation Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs focused on seven ‘tentpole’ features.

Multitasking, which is mentioned above. This feature can be found on rival mobile platforms, but Steve Jobs believes that Apple does a better job with the device’s multitasking capabilities. When users want to switch apps, simply double-click the Home button, which will bring up a dock-like strip and all running apps will be exposed; tap the desired app to switch to it. If you are playing a game, you can resume it when you switch back to it, because the game will automatically pause.

The Folders feature is the answer to the problem of too many apps on a user’s device. This will allow users to group and organize applications. The method to do that is simple; drag an app on top of another to automatically create a folder. It will be named based on the category of the app.

Another important feature is Mail. Apple included a unified inbox that will allow users to see incoming mail from multiple accounts.

iBooks, the e-reader has arrived to the iPhone also. It is a smaller version of the iPad app.

Business users now can enjoy the enterprise features; better data protection, wireless application distribution anywhere in the world from the user’s servers, multiple Exchange accounts and the list continues.

The iPhone OS comes with a social gaming network called Game Center. This will let users invite friends, compete in leaderboards, earn achievements and much more.

Finally, the widely rumoured iAd has arrived; developers can incorporate ads into their apps. The system is built on HTML5.

iPhone OS 4.0