KamAlert 1.01 is the latest version of the powerful security app developed by Informatica Kamalert.

With this application, your device will turn into a 24-hour property surveillance system and an instant personal alarm system. It’s like you have a panic button at your fingertips. A single tap and your smart phone will emit signals and send photographs to the police, friends or relatives automatically.

The application has multiple modes to set up. When the surveillance mode is activated; the camera detects any continuous motion or change in light, and takes photographs accordingly. You can program contacts so that they receive SMS text messages and/or photographs or videos when the app detects that something is wrong.

While the application is in Surveillance mode, incoming calls will suspend the alarm. The alarm will automatically reactivate when the call is finished or messages are received.

Other modes that you can set up are medical emergency and personal danger modes. When you are in a stressful situation and the medical emergency or personal danger modes are activated, the phone screen becomes a ‘Help’ button. When this button is touched, the app will send SMS messages and emails to contacts that you previously set up. Additionally, your GPS location is transmitted to the recipients.

There are a lot of benefits to using this application.

KamAlert is available worldwide both in English and Spanish for $4.99!