Apple has done it again; J.D. Power and Associates has declared iPhone the winner of the 2010 smart phone customer satisfaction survey.

Steve Jobs has to free some space for yet another award on his bookshelf, because Apple’s iPhone has left behind its competitors like HTC, Nokia, RIM, Samsung and Palm.

Except for battery function, iPhone users were highly satisfied with the device they purchased. The battery function problem may refer to either battery life or battery replacement. These two have some problems at the moment, but we assume that they are working on that.

The iPhone’s dominance is almost total. There were five categories; ease of operation, operating system, physical design, features and the battery function. Apple has come out winner in four categories out of the five, which brought it the title of the best smart phone.

The other competitors; Nokia, Palm, Samsung, HTC and RIM Blackberry, were not so lucky in this survey. They got, at best, an average for ease of operation, operating system, features and physical design. The battery life was the category where they could score higher than iPhone.

So, Apple’s iPhone scored 810 points out of 1000, while the RIM Blackberry, who claimed second place in this competition, scored 741 points.

The survey draws attention to the importance of mobile applications; user feedback shows that this is an extremely important feature of a smart phone. This should be great news for Apple, because of the wide variety of apps available in the App Store.

Award winning iPhone