When we talk about food, a healthy diet is the aim of every person. What we know about the products might be good, but there are normally relevant pieces of information missing.

A newly released application allows users to be informed promptly about the product and its ingredients. The Halal Scanner 1.0, developed by Mello Apps Limited determines the halal status of any food additives found in the product.

So how does it work?

The Halal Scanner uses the iPhone’s built-in camera. Users can scan the chosen product’s label (take a picture of the label using the phone’s camera). They will be prompted to select the area containing the ingredients. After doing so, the application will start processing for a while and will eventually reply to the user with the result of the food additives found.

In addition, the app features a search function. This option will allow users to search the entire Halal database for food additives and relevant information about them manually.

The key here is that there is no need for a network connection, because the search is carried out entirely on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The application requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later and 4.5 MB of space. It is available exclusively through Apple’s App Store in the Utilities category for $1.99!

Halal Scanner