If the name Scott Bedwell isn’t familiar to you, it’s now time to remember it. Scott is an independent web developer, entrepreneur and iPhone application developer, who has released the My DJ application update.

My DJ 2.0 is a free update to all current My DJ owners and there is a free app too; My DJ Free.

Music can now be listened to in a new way; that means, playing random parts of your songs, rather than playing the whole song. When you set up your app, you can specify how long each song should play for. The DJ will fade out the song after the chosen time period and then will fade in a new song.

But there will be songs that you want to listen to in their entirety. Well, this can be done at anytime, with the touch of a button. So, the advantage of the app is that it lets you scan through your songs audibly. It is like you would scan the stations of a radio and stop when you hear a song that you like. The options are; play/pause, skip to the next song or previous song and volume.

The application displays information about the current song; title, artist’s name, album artwork etc. There is also a progress bar to inform you when the song will finish.

The My DJ app requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later, 0.4MB of memory and is available worldwide in Apple’s App Store, for only $1.99!