According to Appleinsider, the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 will support multitasking, using a windows management mechanism like Exposé. This function has been avoided by Apple in the past to preserve battery life and simplify the user experience.

They were thinking about the experience other platforms offer; Android and Windows Mobile both require users to quit background tasks which lower the performance of the device.

As usual Apple has surprised its users; the well known, Exposé feature, now runs on the iPhone. This will allow users to fully enjoy the iPhone’s capacities and applications and to easily switch between the applications running on their phone.

Those who are familiar with Apple’s OS know that there is a combination what brings up Exposé. In the case of the iPhone, the reported key combination is hitting the home button twice. This will trigger an interface like the Exposé to appear, and users will see a series of icons, which represent the running applications. At this time the user is permitted to select one application what they want to switch to directly. When selected, the iPhone makes the application visible to the user.

Since the display is not the display of a computer, but a smart phone, Apple thought that the mechanism should present an icon for each application.

Although the feature’s base is the successful Exposé, it is more like the basic Command+Tab application switcher, but it has several characteristics of the Exposé brand.

Another two features in the pre-release builds of the iPhone OS 4.0 are the ability to add individual contacts to the device’s home screen; buttons like ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’, who users can then call directly. The second one is the global mailbox view.

iPhone OS 4.0