When people talk about astronomy our first thought is; what language do they speak? It seems so hard to understand the stars and everything connected to them.

A newly released application lets you walk through the stars and understand their language. The application, aptly named, Star Walk developed by Vito Technologies is both for kids and adults.

It launches with the Sky Line screen, and you have the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn on your screen. Tapping the X button in the upper left will make these disappear and welcomes skies view of the stars and celestial objects. You have four buttons, one for each corner; a clock button in the upper right, a magnifying glass in the lower left, a bear paw-shaped button in the upper left and another bear paw shaped one in the lower right.

Some extra fun may be had for those with the iPhone 3GS; tilt your device and ‘Star Spotter’ function will be activated. This offers you a real-time presentation of what you see in the sky. The display will reflect what you see and provides a great way to learn about the universe in a non-formal way. The extra features can just enumerate here, they have to be experienced by you; Time Machine, Moon phases, meteor showers etc.

Your walk can be a celestial one, if you purchase the app from Apple’s App Store for $2.99.

Star Walk for iPhone