Learning to play a musical instrument is always a plus. If you know how to touch a guitar or how to bring about some pleasant notes, you are much better than most. I mean, you can speak another language, the language of the music.

Okay, computers would not teach you or give you the skills to play at Carnegie Hall, but they do offer you a fun experience and show you the way to start. Like the Garage Band application.

If we take it this way, then it’s no surprise that the appearance of these kinds of applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices are excellent. Wonder Warp Software is the first in the business to offer the possibility to learn with the Etude.

If you want to learn piano, you are reading the right review; the application provides you different methods to learn piano; it is a combination of electronic sheet music and an on-screen light-up keyboard and the audio playback for the piece.

What will you have when you purchase the application?

You can read authentic, engraved sheet music; you can watch and see what keys to press and when to press them. While you are doing that, you can listen to the music, because of the built-in synthesizer.

Don’t have enough music or just want to experience some more?

No problem, download new songs for free. There is a wide variety of music available for download. If you liked the song you are learning, you can share the experience with your friends on Twitter or Facebook, so they will know what are you learning when you are learning it. Furthermore, if you are missing a song, you can suggest it to the developers by writing to them.

Etude is available in Apple’s App Store for an introductory price of $2.99 and requires iPhone OS 3.1 or higher.