Users can now say welcome to the Palm OS app on their iPhone or iPod Touch. StyleTap, which is a Palm Emulator, turns the jail broken iPhone into a virtual Palm device.

iPhones can run Palm OS applications. StyleTap was available for Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms, but since there is a demand for the Palm OS these days the app has now been released for iPhone too.

Since Apple restricts emulators on their products, the app has been made available through Cydia at a price of $50. However, you don’t have to invest money in something you haven’t tried, so a trial version with a test drive of the application is available for two weeks.

The feature that is missing from Windows Mobile 7; copy and pasting; is readily available in this app. StyleTap allows you to copy and paste images and text between native iPhone applications and the Palm OS applications, and features a virtual memory card, since both the iPod Touch and the iPhone have fixed memory options.

StyleTap for iPhone will let you enjoy extraordinary performance for the Palm OS app, thanks to the hardware capabilities of the iPhone.

Gaining feedback from released apps is always a bonus. The app can be downloaded from here.

StyleTap for iPhone