Gameloft is set to take the crown for strategy games for iPhone and iPod Touch. The ingredients they use to achieve this are; involving story lines, strategic game play and upcoming online play.

The basic setting of the Rogue Planet game is that you and the crew of Nimah have returned to Earth. You have spent 35 years in space seeking human life and when returned you will be surprised at what is waiting for you; a robotic Earth. Robots have taken over the Earth and your mission is to take it back and free human kind.

The games come with three modes of play; you can choose from story mode, local multi-player with WiFi and Bluetooth, and also quick play. The story mode has 19 levels and lots of fun to offer. The local multi-player mode comes with the requirement to be near another iPhone with the game, but it seems like the next update will bring the online option. The quick play is the hard battle mode when you can play as either robot or human.

The game mechanism doesn’t differ from other games in this genre; you will have to select maneuvering units, build new units etc on each turn. The lack of an undo button will make you really think about the action you choose to take.

The app comes with an easy to use touch control. Tap a building or a unit and tap the appropriate action for them and they will carry it out. Pinch gestures will let you zoom in and out.

Rogue Planet catches users with its challenging game play and its story and when the online version is available the limits of the game will be pushed away.

The game is available in Apple’s App Store for only $4.99!

Rogue Planet