has released an update to their iBookStore application. This app is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch and it’s a popular tool for price-comparison and search among available textbooks.

Students and bibliophiles can shop for books and get the best deals out there. The application brings information about new, used, rentals, and even eBooks directly to the user’s device.

The updated app now has an improved user interface that will lead the user to find the cheapest book when buying and the highest price when selling. iBookStore now integrates in-app barcode scanning. The app even lets user’s complete transactions directly from their iPhone.

An interesting feature that has been added is barcode scanning. With the integrated scanning courtesy of Vision Smarts Pic2Shop technology, the app allows user’s to receive information about any book. The only thing the user has to do is aim the iPhone’s camera at the selected book’s barcode for the app to read it. This feature can be used when other kind of barcodes are scanned with the device. When scanned, the application automatically detects that the item is of another type, and passes the barcode to Pic2Shop who then send relevant information about the item. This comes to extend the features of the iBookStore app and uses the advantage of iPhone’s operating system; this allows applications to connect and pass information along seamlessly.

The application is available for free in Apple’s App Store.