iPhone users have a new application that allows them to make a call over their 3G data connection. The only reason that users might hesitate to use this, is that Google Voice and Skype are free services, but this app costs $1 and there is a monthly fee of $15.

However, the application provides services that will be more than worth that amount of money. First of all, users will have a dedicated number. This number will work on any phone, which is a huge plus to the service. Another feature is the Toktumi Auto Attendant, which is a comprehensive call manager. It’s an Auto-Receptionist that manages user’s incoming calls, and let’s you create custom IVR messaging (‘press 1 for…’). Line2 also comes with a virtual assistant who determines who is calling based on a users contacts. This assistant announces calls and asks unknown callers for their names prior to connecting you.

Another feature of the Line2 application is that its users get a second number for their cell phone which allows them to place and receive calls. That means the cell phone number remains private and users don’t have to carry two cell phones. Voicemail also comes with the app. This provides easy access to user’s voicemail online, on your phone or by email.

Toktumi developed the app to save users money. Line2 is offered as a virtual office. It allows users access to call handling features like call transfers and instant conference calls up to 20 callers, place calls by typing names or keywords, low international call rates and unlimited calls back to the US and Canada for free.

The application is available for download from the developer’s website because it was pulled back from Apple’s App Store due to a DNS attack.

Toktumi Line 2