TapTapTap has created the Digg application for the iPhone. The free application offers the exact experience users are used to on the iPhone. Launching the app will bring up stories from the past 24 hours and you can access all the information from your iPhone.

So, how does it work?

To preview a story tap the arrow on the right; by doing that you will see the story’s title, thumbnail if it has one, number of diggs and comments. The information is enough for you to choose an action; digg, or save for reading it later. Tap on digg count and you will be lead to the story’s webpage on Digg, where you will find detailed information about the story as well as comments and related stories.

Users can digg, share, and save the story to read later with the use of the bottom tools. But you can also read the comments with the options available; most popular or just use the order. Stories can be found by using the filters offered by the Digg app; top, recent and upcoming. If you tap on the story’s title it will reveal the content page. You can also refresh the list of stories; there is a button to do this. Searching is made easy because Digg for the iPhone has some filters you can apply; topics, keywords, and the stories can be read by best match, recently submitted and number of diggs.

Browsing, sharing and digging can be done now from your iPhone.

Digg for iPhone