V-Moda has been written about by me three times previously regarding their three other earphones. Their FazeDuo’s, and Vibe II’s, are the pinnacle of quality determined by their economy or premium design. Well, V-Moda has done it again. Recently released, are their newest incarnations of quality sound-pumps affectionately named “Remix Remote”, and I have to admit this is their best design to date.  I gave you the heads up regarding these headphones arrival about three weeks ago.  A week later I acquired my pair.  So as I promised, here is the review.

As I said above, the  Remix Remotes are easily V-Modas best design to date.  Here’s why.  Those of you who have been following my reviews will recall that in the past while I loved the absolutely fine quality of V-Modas products, I have had some minor gripes.  The controls were either difficult to find or were located in slightly inconvenient areas.  To be more specific, they were either difficult to “Feel out” to manipulate by being too flush within their housing, or too small to easily locate on a cylindrical housing.  These complaints referred mainly to the Faze’s and Duo’s.  When the Vibe II’s came out, these were the first Headphones by V-Moda to offer their magnificent “Ear-hooks” for sport activity.  While an awesome idea, they simply were not practical for full use with the mic function, as the hooks would use up the slack causing the mic which would hang by your chin on the right wire to be hiked up when using the ear-hooks to about two inches under your ear.  So while the earphones were able to be used practically for sport activities, taking a call was a bit difficult as the party you would communicate with would have difficulty hearing you due to the distance the mic was from your mouth.  All these issues would force me to pack up the ear-hooks and never use them

Well, The Remix Remotes solve all my gripes.  The design of these earphones almost appear to me that the designers at V-Moda have been reading and listening to what I had to say in the past pretty carefully.  Gone now is the mic hanging off the right wire.  All controls and mic are built directly into the cylindrical housing located where the wires split into their individual leads to each ear.  This is fantastic, for now there is absolutely no reason to not use the Ear-hooks.  The Ear-hooks eat up a good portion of the slack lifting the intersection of these “Y” designed earphones up to  making it rest approximately four fingers below your chin.  This is perfect as this give you plenty of play while allowing the mic to be within range of your yapping maw so you can easily speak and have your party hear your clearly on the other end.  But what is really amazing about these controls is they included volume controls.  AWESOME!  Yes, now you can control your volume with the Remix Remotes, like the cheesey poor quality earphones that come with our iPhones, only now they are in a quality set available on the market, courtesy of V-Moda.

What’s more, these controls are so well designed this time around that I was able to manipulate them with gloved hands.  Yes, it is true…Gloved hands.  Yet these controls were in no way ugly or obtrusive.  Yet, they are able to be manipulated with fingers that were stunted tactile sensation.  This in itself is a marvel.  Now I have been “Bee-Bopping” around NYC and anytime I leave the house I have been using these headphones.  The Ear-hooks are a real game changer for me and I believe they will be for you as well.  No more do I have the need to “Lick & Stick” the ear buds into my ears, meaning I have found it no longer necessary to lick the earbuds and stick them in my head to create a better seal so they stay in place.  (yes I know that sounds gross, but it really worked well)  No, now with the Ear-hooks the weight is positioned over the tops of my ear and down allowing the earbuds to remain seated firmly in place jamming tunes into my skull at desired levels of volume controlled from the earphones themselves.  Hail the Gods at V-Moda for this blessing.  (see the image above to understand how this works exactly) The controls for the iPod functions are typical.  Pause, Play, Answer, Hang-up are all there.  As are the double tap forwards the songs and three taps reverse it.  But along my 2 weeks test of the Remix Remotes, I discovered something.  Now I am not sure, if this was always available but, should you say…double tap and hold the play/pause button down, the iPod will actually scan forward at about triple speed.  Should you triple tap and hold you will make it reverse scan as well.  Now I don’t know about you, but I think thats cool.

Sound quality is typical of V-Moda products.  Being designed by a DJ they tend to lean on the heavy bass side of audio and many of us young “Whipper-Snappers” dig that preference.  Trebles and mid ranges are crisp and melodical while giving a fine ambiance of sound that will please just about anyone.  The Earphones come with a felt carrying case not all dissimilar to what came with the Faze earphones along two sets of silicone ear fittings in black and smoke.  The Ear-hooks (as mentioned earlier) are also included.  The packaging is easily sliced through to get to the goodies but as always is done is a very stylish fashion speaking to the quality of the joy inside.  However, there is no such thing as perfection it seems.  Yes, a new gripe has popped up.  Nothing major but you should be aware of it.

The headphones being an in-ear design, meaning they are inserted into the ear canals sealing the ears off a lot from the outside world, are tiny.  This is not the issue, but because of the very small sizing of each earbud and the lack of of a mic on one side or the other makes it near impossible to know which ear is which.  And for fast “on-the go” insertion, this makes it simply impossible to be sure which side is which.  On the underside beneath where the silicone fitting hangs on the earbud and where the wire connects to the earbud, you will see a very VERY small “L” and “R” respectively.  But you really need to fish and search for these.  So you can’t really identify the right bud from the left easily or quickly on their own.   My personal solution was to take one black silicone fitting for one side and one smoke for another to enable me to quickly identify visually which bud goes into which ear.  Like I said, a minor gripe but something worth mentioning, even if it was easily remedied.

This aside?  I really like these new headphones and would recommend them to anyone in the market for a new pair.  The V-Moda Remix Remotes are right now available in Nero (Black) with chrome trim.  Other colors are to be released later in the year.  They run for about $99.95.  Though, I am sure as the market becomes more saturated with the model they will be able to be found at discounted prices for less.