With the arrival of spring, plants get higher attention. That is why Tuparev Technologies released the Plants application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application’s main aim is to help users with gardening. It gives quick and easy access to a user’s plant collection and it is a photo reference guide to plants and a maintenance scheduler. This is really helpful, because the app supplies information for personalized care of user’s plants, although they might be in different locations. The result; fertilizing, repotting and watering are all done at the proper time.

So, how does it work?

If you own plants then it’s obvious you will have the task of taking care of them. The developers have thought about that and they built in a task manager which displays icons for watering, fertilizing and repotting. The app helps to organize your tasks and attracts user’s attention to the plant that needs care. Users can schedule activities (watering, repotting and fertilizing) for each plant. When the task is completed simply tap the circle on the right to notify the app, and then you are done.

Tapping the ‘My Plants’ icon at the bottom will open another bulletin board, where plants are listed by location, name, action and next task. This section of the app gives additional information regarding the plant selected like maintenance requirements etc.

Plants 1.0 is available from Apple’s App Store for $2.99!

Plants 1.0