NoteMaster comes to join the various note-editing applications for iPhone. Some of the extra features of the app are the Google Docs synchronization, in-line image support and folder organization.

The app works well, but there are some annoying problems, such as; the Google Docs sync doesn’t work for multiple folders and unnecessary taps… there are numerous other problems you face as you use the app, for example; if you want to email a note, you need to enter all of your email account information. It seems like the app misses the interaction with the built-in Mail application.

Although editing and creating a note involves lots of taps and gestures, Kabuki Vision offers users a feature rich app, with the ability to add notes, titles and headlines and even images. If you want to keep your notes organized you can use and create folders.

NoteMaster has a strong impact not for its look and feel, but because of the complicated series of actions you need to take when editing. Using it will give users a little bit of a headache at the beginning.

It comes with themes for changing how a note looks, but the flood of buttons give the impression of an over-done application.

However, NoteMaster has strong features too; the amount of great features combined into the one application; create great looking notes, stay organized and keep in sync easily.

NoteMaster is available in Apple’s App Store for only $3.99!

NoteMaster for iPhone