Spray Can now has an updated version available. Rapidrabbit announced the version 2.2 with added features due to feedback received. The new, updated version comes up with different backgrounds and new painting options.

The list of new features contains an option to change the size of the spray jet, easily switch the outline on and off and the new backgrounds are subway train and concrete wall.

The Spray Can application was developed by Rapidrabbit and since 2009 has accumulated fans all over the world. This frequently downloaded application started as a joke app using the features of the accelerometer in the iPhone. The new, updated version blows graffiti.

From the start, the developers were open to the community’s feedback and reacted to its needs. As time passed more and more features were added until Spray Can became the most frequently downloaded graffiti application in Apple’s App Store.

Two main functions make the application the greatest tool for real fun. Shake the iPhone up and down and use it as a pranking tool. After you shake it enough press the spray button. Developers say that the posts received reveal the great success of this feature.

The other main function is the ability to paint graffiti and share them on Twitter and Facebook. Custom wallpapers, here they come!

The app supports US English, French, German and Italian languages and is available worldwide through Apple’s App Store for free!

Spray Can