Web Information Solution has released a new application; Pocket Informant. This aims to serve as a replacement for iPhone’s built-in calendar, because the developers wanted to include some features in it.

In our very alert life rhythm, the more you have in an application the better it is. So the developers had this in mind when they took a calendar and added a to-do list and task manager.

Pocket Informant may sound familiar to the users of Windows Mobile devices. But the application lacks in some areas, such as notes and an address book, so it can’t be truly considered a PIM (personal information manager).

How does it work?

The Pocket Informant calendar can synchronize over the internet with Outlook or Google Calendar. The sync with Outlook can be done with a beta application; desktop utility for Windows XP and Windows 7.  The Google Calendar sync works well; the application synchronizes not only with your calendar, but shared calendars also.

About the calendar presentation; it’s quite different from Google’s Calendar Web view and iPhone’s built-in calendar. A clever time bar stresses the time when you’re available or not. As for the week and monthly views, there is lots of data in very little space. This isn’t quite an advantage because tapping on the right place becomes a little bit tricky.

The task management features works OK. The application offers the classification of tasks by projects and contexts. Users can tag them, star them, and set a priority list, their status and due dates, and even schedule alarms.

If you are looking for an application that will keep you better organized, you might consider this app, which is available through Apple’s App Store for $10.

Pocket Informant