This is a translation application that has multiple languages built in. The extra feature of this application, compared to others, is that it uses the internet and pulls out the translation and audio too. However, this ability is not available in all cases, but in the settings section we have some basic settings such as text size.

When you start using the application you go to the text translation and you can choose from various ‘from’ or ‘to’ languages to translate. The languages with a speaker icon mean that you will receive an audio translation too

So how does it work?

You type your text into the application and tap translate. The application will then download the translation. If you have audio turned on, don’t be surprised, it’s a little strange to hear a robotic voice, but it gives you the necessary information about the language. While you are listening to it, you can also see the text, so you have an idea of what it is saying. The application gives you the option to rate the translation as well as send it via email.

The quality of the translation is quite good, of course they need, in some cases, improvement, however we are talking about a computerized translation here.

myLanguage is a good translation application that  helps you to pass language barriers. It has not only languages, but dialects too, so if you have a network connection this will ease communication.

The application is available in Apple’s App Store for $4.99!