A new release from Microsoft; Bing version 1.1!

Florian Voss on Bing’s blog says that the application now comes with improved features including; the enhanced web browser and bookmarks, directions, maps, websites, search terms, businesses, and weather reports can now be bookmarked. Users can navigate to the bookmarked pages from Bing’s homepage. Everything you find interesting can be shared with friends with the use of email.

Another new feature is the ability to copy and paste URLs. This feature came to life due to the feedback received by the developer. Search can now be setup with parental controls to offer a safer browsing experience. Parents can now relax and leave the device in the hands of their children, because with SafeSearch, setup concerns are gone. The only thing has to be done is to choose a pass code that cannot be changed.

There are times when users want to search for a website that they previously surfed. For this there is the history option that will save previous searches. This can be disabled if you choose private search.

Another useful feature is the explicit location setting. This will let your device find a specific location, or search near there. This can be useful when traveling in another city.

Bing now auto suggests contacts when users enter start or end locations in directions.

The only disappointing fact of this great app is that it’s available for free on Apple’s App Store; but only for US citizens.