The art of waking up is pretty delicate, because there isn’t always the same formula to how we wake up every morning. The Melatonin application developed by Orbicule struggles to revolutionize that, but has some success.

The application has a cute interface. The developers have put a great amount of work into the graphics, and you will find that adorable and gentle. It’s kind of a mural you would paint on a wall which is seen by lots of kids every day; the color and theme choices lead us to that feeling.

So how does it work?

Launch the application and adjust the settings; adjust wake-up times and choose how you want to be woken; theme sound or one of your favorite music tracks. Here you have the option to select a bedtime track and you can setup the amount of minutes you want to hear that bedtime soundtrack.

When morning comes, simply shake the phone or tap on the screen to turn the alarm off. Shaking comes to help you turn off the alarm more easily, since ‘slide to unlock’ is quite a difficult task in the morning.

If you consider the apps sunset and sunrise functions; they are adorable, but the functionality is questionable. They concept is okay, but think about the moment when you wake up; is this the very first thing you pay attention to? I guess not.

Another, more serious issue of the application, is that it needs to be running in order to do its job and this means that it needs to run all night. The obvious problem here is that it will drain your battery. Another issue is that you have to reset the alarm if you receive any calls or SMS in the middle of the night.

So, to get the whole picture; for $1 you purchase an app that will wake you up every morning, but cannot do that automatically. It needs to be setup every night. Its graphical interface is really cute, but needs too much attention, so not the best tool to rely on when you really have to be somewhere in the morning.

Melatonin UI