Getting information about your iPhone, or more precisely monitoring your device is what the iStat application does for you. It helps you review and get real time information about your iPhone; voice and data usage, storage, RAM, up time, networking, processes and so much more.

The iStat application also  features remote Mac, FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris monitoring. Or, if you want to know how your battery power is doing, or just want to be informed about WiFi and Cell IP address, iStat is the application for you.

iStat delivers detailed information about your iPhone or iPod Touch battery like the time remaining for various tasks like making a call, internet use, or listening to music and watching videos.

Your Mac address and ID can be viewed and then copied to the clipboard. You can choose if you want to copy both or just one of them.

iStat for iPhone requires OS 3.0 or higher firmware and is available in Apple’s app store for only $0.99.  If you are a Macminicolo customer, you can download up to five copies of the app completely free!

iStat UI