Being lost in traffic is a pretty annoying thing to start with. To avoid this, there is an application called Tom Tom for the iPhone. This app features traffic updates and it is a useful tool to avoid trouble spots.

When used, Tom Tom helps users find the best way to reach their destination, but the 1.3 update is a more efficient tool to help in your driving. Users have updates every three minutes, and this comes to inform them about road situations.

The Tom Tom 1.3 also features Google Local Search, to give you information instantly about the area you’re currently in. Are you hungry? Or just want to fix your car? Maybe you want to visit an Apple store? Tom Tom is there to help you find all the relevant information to answer your questions.

Additional features like automatic day/night mode comes with this update. This feature dims or brightens the screen depending on what the time it is. Music fading is also another feature to avoid any surprises. And if you want to get more details, simply pinch and zoom.

With the 1.3 update, locations and coordinates can be now sent to the application for you to use later. So just use the application and follow the clear, spoken, turn-by-turn instructions.

The Tom Tom application requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and the price range is quite large; depending on maps from $50 to $100. In order to provide turn-by-turn directions users have to retain iPhone 3G or 3GS. Users with original iPhone or iPod Touch will have to apply for a TomTom car kit for its GPS to run on this application.

The Tom Tom app is available in Apple’s App Store.

Tom Tom iPhone

Tom Tom for iPhone