Sophiestication Software has released its elegant and thoughtful new Wikipedia discovery tool and reader.

‘Articles’ is more than just a simple reader of the page. It takes the data that you find in the page and delivers it in an easy to read and very clean format. The application features chapter index control, to make it easy to read and make your way through the sections that you really want to focus on.

The application lets you search for text, articles based on your current location or, if you want to be surprised, ‘Articles’ will do that.

A very interesting feature of this application is the pages. This Mobile Safari pages feature lets you open multiple articles and if you want to move between them, you can without any difficulty. Another feature to ease your reading is to pull the page down and then release, behavior. This will stop your iPhone from spinning content wildly.

You can also use Safari’s well know bookmarks and history. There are additional tips for increasing or decreasing the text size, like pinching or stretching. If you want to open the articles in a new page, you just tap and hold links to do that.

Wikipedia is something that people read a lot, because there you will find information relevant to almost anything you would ever need.

The ‘Articles’ application brings you a soft and stylish experience of article reading on your iPhone. And it’s available in Apple’s app store for only $2.99!