If you want to send animated images there is an application that fits your needs perfectly. It’s free and fun and it’s called txtagif.

The application, developed by XVision, has more than 2,000 Gif-format images. These can be easily pasted into MMS messages. So it fulfills your need for sending easy and fun MMS messages to everyone you can think of.

The application has a great variety of animated images, everything that you can think of, including; clips from TV shows, smiley, cartoons, video game snippets, and many others.

So how does it work?

The search option is for what’s hot, genius, top MMS, most recent, top rated, most viewed and featured. Or, if you have something special made up, you can upload your own animated GIF-image. Once you’ve found the image you want, select it and tap, ‘text this GIF’. This will open a new message. Double tap the text field above the keyboard and paste it. Now you can enter the recipient of the animated GIF and send it.

Sounds great, but the application has some limitations. To be more precise, it takes more time than you’d probably like to spend sending a message. Rating images takes far more time than it ought to, and the constant need to tap, tap, tap can be irritating; having said that, these may be issues worked out in future releases of this particular application.

However, issues aside; the application offers lots of fun if you like to surprise people with crazy and funny images; it’s time for you to start downloading it from Apple’s app store.