Having the right information at the right moment is essential in this day and age. LockInfo does that. And the new, updated format has some improvements that help avoid issues you’ve had previously.

Customizing the lock screen is great because you can get information that you need, when you need it, right there on your lock screen.  The application supports plugins to diversify information on your lock screen such as Mail, Calendar, SMS, Twitter, Weather, and Phone.

The updated LockInfo application has fixed the memory leak in mail previews.  But even more, the new 2.1 software includes InfoShade, which means a simple gesture like tapping and holding the status bar immediately brings up the LockInfo screen.

Another feature of the application is Tap to Reply, integration with QuickReply, bite SMS and iRealSMS. This will make seeing your SMS replies really easy, and you can do this from your lock screen.

Since lots of events are happening and you want to see them all easily, LockInfo has the ability to see calendar event previews and full-screen previews. If you have missed calls, you can clear them from your lock screen using LockInfo.

The application includes a plugin for email, so your can see new email subjects and its senders. Additional plugins such as, RSS feeds and weather, are available from Cydia.

A 14-day trial version of LockInfo is available for free. You can then purchase the application for $4.99

LockInfo User Interface