The Formula 1 season is here again so lots of F1 applications in Apple’s App Store are upgraded, new apps released or improved versions submitted.

Soft Pauer has done their homework, and a new, improved version of the F1 Timing Application is now available for the beginning of the season.

The app was introduced last year, but the developers enhanced the whole concept, so there are some features that make this app advantageous, like one-touch zooming on your favorite driver and self-centering, which means you get the perfect image of your favorite driver.

Supported languages are currently; English, French and German. However, Italian and Spanish are to complete the list. The application comes with written live commentary by professional F1 journalists.

If you want to have the latest news sent directly to your phone, see the live timing screens used by the teams participating in the competition, this is an application you want to have on your iPhone.

Another feature of the improved app, is the ability to replay any session at any time you choose, jump forward and backward to key points of the action; choose a driver and focus on him; results, information about teams, circuits, drivers, standings etc. All at the tap of your screen, it’s like being there, but still living your everyday life.

The application is available through Apple’s App Store for $32.99!

F1 Timing Application