I like to take pictures, because they remember me of the good times, and the funny situations I’ve been in. But at the same time they recall the beautiful places I’ve been. And because I have a smart phone I use it to snap photos regularly. Now there is an application that helps to create panorama photos easily.

The application is called AutoStitch, and it’s developed by Cloudburst Research Inc. Having a smart phone isn’t enough; you have to unleash the power of your iPhone’s camera to create wide-angle views and panoramas.

AutoStitch has the most advanced stitching technology available and it’s very simple to use. The result; a beautiful panorama in three steps.

At step one; you should select the photo album, meaning that you should have prepared the photos you want to stitch. The main factor here is the angle that the photos were taken; as well as the camera location. Making sure your camera was in similar positions is essential to have an awesome panorama. Open the application and tap each photo in the album to select it. The selected photos will appear in the ‘photos to stitch’ window. Finally the stitching starts; it will analyze your images to find where they overlap, and during the rendering stage you will see parts of the panorama. Double tap to zoom, scroll with your finger and save if you’re happy with the result. At the end of the process you can crop the image to any desired rectangle.

So if you are ready to become a photo professional, the application is available in Apple’s app Store for only $2!