According to AppleInsider, one of the iPhone 4.0 greatest features is to run applications in the background, that actually run all of the time, like the bundled Mail, iPod, SMS or Voice Memos. This isn’t a problem for the iPhone Operating System, but new issues have been introduced; it requires a new interface mechanism to allow users to switch between the launched applications without too much complexity.

If we think further to the future to a new graphical interface that permits windowing, a multitasking third party application will require a method to communicate with the apps, in order to prioritize resource allocation.

Yes, it will be great to run multiple applications in the background and switch between them as and when you want to, but this has an inevitable result; battery life and performance will decrease significantly. So, this can be an issue that we can expect from the iPhone 4.0 software.

The multitasking features are valuable without creating a mess. There are solutions, like parking the foreground application, or scaling down the execution of an application that runs in the background.

A faster processor and more RAM will be a key factor in the experience of switching between multiple applications. These are just a few of the demands that surround the new iPhone software. We are waiting for the solutions.