PhatWare Corporation announced that WritePad 3.1 is available already. The company provides software and professional services for desktop and mobile computers.

This announcement is about a unique piece of software that allows iPhone users to enter text and use handwriting recognition software for mixed, print or cursive handwriting styles.

The new WritePad 3.1. comes with many features, that the user will love. When using the application the toolbar can be moved away for better viewing of the text, it can then be bought back up on the screen when needed in landscape screen orientation. The developers have thought about scrolling too; when you are in handwriting mode the WritePad 3.1. features display scroll buttons. These buttons can be used instead of scrolling gestures. The application also features new spell checker options such as; ignoring words in uppercase and words containing numbers.

You will see that one of the best uses of this text editor is when you need software to recognize print, cursive and mixed handwriting styles. To use it, you simply write using your fingers on the phones screen. You can choose landscape or portrait mode, so whichever is more comfortable for you. The application allows users to translate WritePad documents in thirteen languages with the interface to the Bing Translator.

The Writepad 3.1 application is available in the Apple Store for only $1.99.