As we surf different kinds of websites and are constantly prompted for a username and password over and over, you eventually get to a point where you think, enough is enough.

This is when a password manager enters into the equation.

1Password, which was developed by Agile Web Solutions, holds the answer to the much asked question; can I get one application to store all of my passwords and fill the form in automatically for me?

Yes! 1Password can help you to create and store secure passwords, credit card numbers, and even software license numbers. This has worked well on desktop computers, and this incredible app is available for iPhone and iPod Touch. There are two versions; the $5 edition and the $8 Pro version.

Whether you open the $5 or the $8 version of the application, you will be prompted to create two logins; a master password, which can be a longer one; and a 4-digit unlock code. You will need to remember the 4-digit unlock code as you will be prompted for it every time you start the application. The master password function is like the Mozilla master password; you will need to enter it whenever you want to access your saved items.

The advantage of the desktop version of this application is that you can sync it up with the mobile version. Syncing is recommended periodically to keep both your pc and your phone in par with one another.

In this era of the login, logout and safe browsing; 1Password is a good choice for maintaining the security of your data.