If you are looking to have some fun, there is an application just for you: Voices from tap tap tap. Just think about situations when you say something funny or your friend says something amusing and you want to make it more ridiculous. The Voices is an application that will transform yours or your friend’s voice into lots of different voices; more precisely, into 17 different voices.

The use of this application is easy; you are welcomed with a red curtain and music that lets you know you are entering another world – the world of entertainment. To use it, simply choose from the 17 different voices such as; cyborg, chipmunk, exorcism, dark side, vodocoder, cave, guitar, fun house, vinyl, helium, reverse and many more. You then record the speech and wait for the application to transform the voice. The end result; a guaranteed smile on your face.

An extra feature of the app is that you can share your recordings with your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Voices isn’t a huge investment, you can activate it for only 99 cents.