Vlingo 2.0 for iPhone has a few new features, including new graphical UI, SMS and Email Paste dictation.

The user interface works great, with its big, easy to hit icons. The application has helpful tips for users at every step. The speech recognition works great. You can tap to record and tap again to stop recording, or just hold down, speak and release. Just think about the possible uses, you can send an email or SMS while you are driving without having to cause such a distraction.

You can get a free version of the app which includes the following features:Search the Web

  • Search the Web
  • Dial your phone
  • Update Twitter and Facebook Status
  • Use Google Maps

Whereas the paid version offers the additional “Send an Email” and “SMS Paste” features.

The paid app will copy the text to your clipboard and then launch the Messages application. Then you just simply paste the text and hit send. The paste options can be purchased separately for $6.99 or you can buy them together at the great price of $9.99. While deciding, factor in how useful having this application would be to you. Do you need voice, SMS and email dictation software? Three things that would make simple tasks on the iPhone even easier.

When tried, the Vlingo application works well, in the limits of a voice dictation application. It has the ability to learn, so pay attention to your enunciation and you will have better results.