There is a new application that is being developed that gives you a rough estimate on the your iPhone’s radiation levels. According to the specifications published on Tawkon’s technology page, the application uses an algorithm to determine the radiation amount that your iPhone is emitting at a given moment. Besides the measurement, the application offers suggestions on how to lower that amount.

How does it work?

The algorithm counts the known quantities, like the radios in the phone together with variables like the distance from the base station. The measured level will reflect your location or your iPhone use habits, Tawkon said.

However, it takes more than just an application to measure radiation, but a correctly programmed algorithm can be a great indicator about the amount of radiation the smart phone emits. In fact to measure the exact amount of radiation you need expensive equipment.  The application features are integrated with the dialer, and the contacts list so that the measurement result can be viewed while making a call.

The application’s price range is $5 to $10, but Apple doesn’t approve. Why? Because it can cause confusion for iPhone owners from a usability perspective. Well, this can be discussed. However, this is a segment that would be covered by this app, and can represent interest for iPhone users.