There was a rumor these days about iPad production issues. Fortune was pointing towards a possible delay, but as Foxconn sources stated it has no production problems building the newly introduced iPad.

There is no official statement, but anonymous sources within the company say that Foxconn will be able to ship up to 700,000 units in March and an other million next month.  It is unlikely that Apple will change the launch date of the iPad.

However, rumors say that Apple store employees will have the first hands on experience with the new product on March 10, when the training can begin. The iPad will hit the Apple Stores on Friday, March 26. The same sources say, that the 3G enabled models will be available one month later, by the end of April.

This information came in response to the manufacturing bottleneck rumors, that talked about the initial supply being reduced to 300,000. This would limit the launch to the U.S. only and could cause a delay of 30 days. Since Foxconn sources say there are no issues regarding the iPad production, it is possible there will be no change in the launch dates.

Apple has a strong demand for the iPad at its launch, and sales up to 5 million are predicted for the first year.