The competition between Apple and HTC has now entered another level. Apple announced that they sued HTC for 20 iPhone patents, yesterday. Yes indeed, Apple has a very strong patent portfolio it uses against its competitors. As a reply, the smartphone maker, HTC (High Tech Computer) defended themselves today against the accusations. The reply was that HTC has developed and uses its own technology.

The world’s largest smartphone company, the Taiwanese HTC, has built mobile devices and smartphones for thirteen years now. HTC builds most of the smartphones that use Google’s Android operating system, even the Nexus One. HTC replied to the lawsuit by saying that they aren’t just mobile technology innovators, they also have a large number of patents. The company will do everything possible to protect its own rights and innovations, and they will work together with the United States justice system to resolve any conflicts.

Apple sued HTC yesterday claiming that the company is infringing on 20 Apple patents related to the iPhone underlying architecture, user interface and hardware. As the news spread, the HTC stock immediately fall 2 percent on the TSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange).

In this era of the smartphones, companies in the technology industry show the tendency to often file infringement lawsuits against each other, which sometimes are legitimate, sometimes not. Often the lawsuit has the aim to harm the competitor’s business. In the smarphone area this is a quite common custom.