In order to break the To Do list mold, Runloop developed the Dunnit! application. Integrating OpenFeint, this new release is neither a game nor entertainment. It is a simple but feature rich task management application.

How does it work? Your tasks are listed in one section, so you are constantly aware what your most important tasks are. If you want to add more tasks, it is easy and effortless. The methods for adding new tasks, was something that the developers thought about properly. They offer multiple solutions, even copying the list from other applications.

Tagging helps users to focus on a specific group. Just think about the shopping list; it is great and very useful! As users complete a repeated task, Dunnit! will help them create a new task at the selected repeat interval.

Productivity and visibility are the two main factors that social gaming is based on. When the developers integrated the OpenFeint platform, they thought about making users more active. This platform allows users to compete against their friends and also against strangers to see who is the most productive. Gamers and non-gamers have to get things done so; the OpenFeint is a feature that gamers will really enjoy.

The Dunnit! 1.0.1 application is available through the App Store priced at $4.99.