Do you want to control the television with your phone? It’s simple. Grab your iPhone and this device…

There are many applications that offer remote control applications if you have a Mac mini, TiVo or Apple TV. But these numerous remote applications lack one thing; IR (Infrared) blasting. This is the way that every remote works, the problem is; yours doesn’t work in the same way? In order to solve that problem, the RedEye mini was launched by ThinkFlood.

RedEye, the pilot of the new product, was released a few months ago. Its price was $188, which was quite a large price to pay for making your phone capable of Infrared, and it was also very complicated to use. Wi-Fi to IR conversion was required, which had the risk of slowing things down; also it had to be plugged into the phone’s dock connector port. The new product, the RedEye mini is more affordable and is very promising.

What is RedEye mini? It’s a little dongle that you plug into your iPod touch or iPhone by the headphone jack. It then sends infrared signals to the desired devices in your area. Also, the application that comes with it will let you customize the layout of the buttons and even create macros. The obvious comfort of this application feature is that you can tap on an action button, for example, ‘Watch a DVD’ and the movie begins.

The RedEye mini will be available in spring for only $50.