According to AdMob Mobile Metrics, habits differ when it comes to spending money on applications. iPhone and Android users seem to have the same mobile application usage  and download habits as one another. But when it comes to money, iPhone users are likely to spend more money on applications.

Android and iPhone users, on average, tend to download nine applications per month. (As shown in a report that was made public on the 25th February.) According to the report, the most engaged ones were the iPod Touch users, who downloaded 37% more applications than their Android and iPhone counterparts. This means that they spent an average of an hour and forty minutes per day using the applications; 25% more time than both iPhone and Android users.

When it comes to purchasing the applications, iPhone users were shown to be the most eager to hand over their credit card information, having found an application that they wanted to retain. The recently published report shows that half of iPhone users purchase at least one application per month, while only 21% of Android users spend money on such applications.

The study also reveals another interesting percentage about the users who were satisfied with their smart phone. Apparently 91% of iPhone users were satisfied with their purchased device. This number, compared with the 84% of Android and 69% of web OS users, gives a very positive feedback score to Apple’s iPhone. The report, which was taken in February 2010, was a result of feedback given from almost 1000 iPod Touch, iPhone, webOS and Android device users.