This year Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) conference proposed to take medicine to the 21st century, and there are many software companies that are helping medicine take this step forward.

During the conference, Nuance announced the development of the Dragon Medical Mobile Application Suite, which contains three new applications. These applications will not only help health care professionals to access EHRs (Electronic Health Records) but transcribe short notes. The three applications are; Dragon Mobile Medical Search, Dragon Medical Mobile Dictation and Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder.

Nuance hopes that the first application will be available by the end of April. The Mobile Search program will allow users to search medical websites for information by voice, using the NaturallySpeaking recognition technology developed by Nuance. This application will allow clinicians to have fast access to research on websites, by simply speaking the request. MedLine, Google, Epocarates and MedScape are a few of the listed websites.

The Dragon Mobile Dictation application allows clinicians to speak patient notes, text messages and emails instead of typing them. And everything goes in real-time, without returning to the desktop.

With the development of the Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder application, Nuance has proposed to help health care professionals save time. Using this application the clinician can have on-the-go dictation on a smart phone. After recorded, the voice file is sent for transcription and finally a high-quality draft document is sent back for review and signing.

There was not a clear release timeline defined, but if you want to be informed about the applications, you can fill in a form on their website.