Apple news informs us that Instapaper for iPhone now has an in-app browser, dictionary lookup, pagination and much more.

Why Instapaper?

If you like reading but don’t have time to read your favorite blogs, magazines and newspapers during the day, when you are on the run, Instapaper saves your web pages, which you can later read on your iPhone.

The application is critically acclaimed by top websites and lets you read long posts or articles that you find interesting, while you commute or have spare time in a meeting.

It features automatic updates, dictionary lookups, and dark mode for night reading. One of the helpful features is adjustable text size and fonts.

The big news in this version, is the in-app browser, where you can view graphical pages when online. The developers added alternative scrolling methods like pagination, native login, registration, margin control, line-spacing and rotation for article lists and much more.

An important feature is the partially-read indicator that helps you quickly read through the list and choose the article that represents interest for you. There is a free version, but it doesn’t support automatic updating, dark background mode, adjustable text and font size.

Instapaper Pro can be purchased from the Apple Store for only $4.99!