Speculation from Fortune is pointing towards a possible delay in the preliminary iPad release schedule. Steve Jobs promised the iPad would be in the hands of consumers within 60 days from its announcement in late January. However, there is now a report that a manufacturing bottleneck may be affecting iPad production. The report indicates production could be as little as 30% of its target goal and goes on to venture that Apple might delay the iPad launch for a month due to the “…limited number of units available in March.”

This would be good news for the JooJoo which, originally due to ship before the iPad, was recently delayed a month due to manufacturing issues. The JooJoo’s new ship date puts it right in line with Apple’s current goal for the iPad launch which, obviously, is inconvenient. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the JooJoo, Wired.com did a good job of reviewing it. As of right now Apple has yet to announce an official launch date for the iPad and has not yet begun to accept pre-orders.