Etude for iPhone

Learning to play a musical instrument is always a plus. If you know how to touch a guitar or how to bring about some pleasant notes, you are much better than most. I mean, you can speak another language, the …

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Star Walk for the iPhone

When people talk about astronomy our first thought is; what language do they speak? It seems so hard to understand the stars and everything connected to them.

A newly released application lets you walk through the stars and understand their …

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Verizon, a Pleasant Change

This year Apple has prepared a lot of pleasant surprises. First there was an iPad. Now comes the fourth generation of the iPhone,  both the iPhone 4.0 OS and the iPhone 4G.

With the fourth generation of the iPhone, it …


StyleTap, Palm OS Emulator For The iPhone

Users can now say welcome to the Palm OS app on their iPhone or iPod Touch. StyleTap, which is a Palm Emulator, turns the jail broken iPhone into a virtual Palm device.

iPhones can run Palm OS applications. StyleTap was …

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Rogue Planet for iPhone

Gameloft is set to take the crown for strategy games for iPhone and iPod Touch. The ingredients they use to achieve this are; involving story lines, strategic game play and upcoming online play.

The basic setting of the Rogue Planet

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iBookStore 2.0 for Your iPhone has released an update to their iBookStore application. This app is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch and it’s a popular tool for price-comparison and search among available textbooks.

Students and bibliophiles can shop for books and get the …

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Free Calls for your iPhone with Line2

iPhone users have a new application that allows them to make a call over their 3G data connection. The only reason that users might hesitate to use this, is that Google Voice and Skype are free services, but this …

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Digg on the iPhone

TapTapTap has created the Digg application for the iPhone. The free application offers the exact experience users are used to on the iPhone. Launching the app will bring up stories from the past 24 hours and you can access all …

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V-Moda: Remix Remote, Jams

V-Moda has been written about by me three times previously regarding their three other earphones. Their FazeDuo’s, and Vibe II’s, are the pinnacle of quality determined by their economy or premium design. Well, V-Moda has done …


Spring Has Arrived for the iPhone!

With the arrival of spring, plants get higher attention. That is why Tuparev Technologies released the Plants application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application’s main aim is to help users with gardening. It gives quick and easy access …

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